Book a limousine with a professional private chauffeur for your wedding or leave the entire wedding organization in Switzerland to us, including catering, hotel and restaurant booking.

Please note that church availability is limited and needs to be booked well in advance!

For a white Rolls Royce or Cadillac, please contact us.

For for more information contact Martine per e-mail or Whatsapp (+41 77 467 28 18).

Rent your wedding limousine with a private driver for one day (8 hours) in Switzerland

Photo: black or Anthracite Honda Accord, decorated with flowers and ribbons, similar to photograph or in colors or your choice. For Mercedes S and V class, see our price list. All cars come with a floral decoration. Please add the date and time you wish to rent the limousine with your order.

We will contact you per phone or e-mail to confirm the date.

CHF 950.00