Discover Switzerland's hidden treasures with Reto Widmer and let the suggestions below inspire you!

Here you will find just a small selection of our tours. Customized tours to destinations of your own choosing may also be organized. Let us do your planning to save you time, money and to get you there properly! Below are just some of the most exciting places we will visit on a half day, full day or multi-day tour, but there is so much more to see and experience in Switzerland.

half day

  • Come to Central Switzerland with us and explore a typical Swiss mountain village free of cars and with a spectacular lake view! 
  • Take an exclusive tour to a Chocolate or a Watch manufacture
  • Be inspired by the stunning Rhine Falls and by an old town in northern Switzerland
  • Take a walk with us through Zurich's old town - including a ride to the Uetliberg, the top of Zurich
  • Hover above fantastic views with the unique cabriolet cable car in Central Switzerland!
  • and more, according to your wishes ...

full day

  • We offer you hidden views in the Zermatt area on the Matterhorn!
  • Discover the beauty of Western Switzerland: a chocolate or cheese production and a typical Swiss village
  • Enjoy a Mediterranean town in Southern Switzerland with a visit to the fascinating Swiss Miniature garden
  • Watch in awe the production of time keepers! 
  • Come with us to Northern Switzerland, to the Rhine Falls - and take a walk through lovely villages!
  • We show you where Switzerland has its origin 726 years ago...
  • Ride the steepest cable car in Europe!
  • Shop at the Swiss Fashion Outlet - and be inspired by the alp area, where the famous Heidi movies were produced
  • Book your trip to South Western Switzerland,  where you will have an unforgettable glacier experience with spectacular views!
  • and more ...


several days

  • Be inspired by Southern Switzerland - with the Swiss Miniature garden and the Ticino mountains
  • Come with us to Western Switzerland and explore Geneva city, lake Geneva, spectacular mountain views and the tallest dam in the world!
  • Hold your breath: join us for the highest point in Europe which can be reached with public transportation - at 3900 meters above sea level!
  • Enjoy the capital Bern - and continue to an Alpine panoramic suspension bridge and to lake Geneva
  • Discover Eastern Switzerland: A magnificent monastery - a typical Graubünden village - a scary melting glacier - and the village of St. Moritz - including excursions in the Eastern Alps
  • and more ...